Cape Elizabeth Land Trust


Information Architecture
Web Design
Communications Strategy


Doug Bertlesman
Heidi McInerney
Larry Needle
Jen Kessler
Tim Blackstone

Helping visitors experience Maine’s rural character

Located just a few miles east of Maine’s largest city lies the town of Cape Elizabeth. Historically a farming community, the town retains a rural character that’s increasingly rare in Southern Maine. That’s due in large part to the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust (CELT), which works to preserve and protect land while sharing them with visitors near and far.

CELT came to VONT in search of a site that would better serve its users in communicating news, sharing information about events, and providing increased accessibility to trail information especially on mobile devices.

VONT provided a redesign that simplified the navigation and used photographs showcasing CELT properties throughout. VONT also integrated CELT’s property database with an interactive mapping tool that allowed users to quickly identify properties and trails of interest and use GPS to direct them to the trailheads.

While it’s still early days, in the first months after launch, average session duration increased by 29% with the number of pages viewed per session increasing by 38%. In addition, bounce rate decreased by 16% and the number of users arriving by direct URL or search engine rose a whopping 500%.

Fast Facts

increase in the number of users going to the site by direct URL or search engine.
increase in average session duration.
increase in number of pages viewed per session.