Luke’s Lobster


Information Architecture
Web Design


Tim Blackstone
Jen Kessler
Andreas Loppnow
Heidi McInerney
Traci Marquis

Luke’s Lobster (Luke’s) is a family-owned, Maine seafood business, founded by third-generation lobsterman, Luke Holden. Since its founding as a tiny NYC lobster roll shack in 2009, Luke’s has expanded with its own seafood and production service, branded grocery products, online offerings, and shack locations in 10 U.S. states, Japan, and Singapore.

Shore Up the Foundation

Luke’s approached VONT because they needed help optimizing their e-commerce website for improved usability and increased conversions after a recent migration to Shopify. VONT began the project by working collaboratively with Luke’s to prioritize their website initiatives based on what would provide the greatest ROI.

VONT’s first step was to shore up the website foundation by restructuring the site’s information architecture and redesigning the “Shop” landing page and product detail pages with an improved visual representation of key information.

Refine Content Strategy

Once the foundation was set, the next step was to rethink the existing content strategy. As it stood, Luke’s had a standalone “Recipes” section that was not connected to any of their products. VONT suggested adding image links on product pages to related easy-to-follow (and delicious!) recipes. Doing so inspires shoppers with meal possibilities—and nudges them towards purchasing the product. 

VONT also revised how Luke’s products were structured and grouped. This, along with a newly created cost-savings display, provides greater incentive for the user to buy more.

Improve Functionality

Finally, in addition to improving overall design and content flow for key pages, VONT implemented functional changes that enabled Luke’s to target packages to applicable audiences and add occasion-specific gift card options at checkout.