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Mark Beale
Jen Kessler

Revving Up Organic Search

Over the past 40 years, grew from a small print shop into one of the leading suppliers of high quality banking-related products for small businesses. The company had noticed that organic traffic to its site had not only leveled off, but had been decreasing for some time. Customers who knew about the site or clicked on paid ads were coming in, but those searching for printed business supplies were not.

The result was a learning content hub with a massive footprint. Perfect for SEO.

Perfect for SEO

VONT proposed creating a content hub to increase organic traffic. Under the umbrella, The Complete Guide to Ordering Business Checks Online, the team wrote and pulled together a variety of pages on check formats, ordering tips, compatible software, and more. The result was a learning content hub with a massive footprint. Perfect for SEO.

The VONT team also tweaked the home page, optimizing it for the term “business checks”. But besides that, nothing else was done to the site. It would be the perfect experiment to see what type of impact a content hub would make.

“Wait. The results were what?!!”

The content hub launched in February 2020…just in time for the COVID-19 pandemic. With low expectations, the team waited for the results to come in. When they did, they were nothing short of tremendous.


percentage organic sessions increased
increase in organic transactions
percentage increase in organic search revenue

Impressions and clicks to were up significantly. For the two month period starting February 2020, organic sessions were up 23% YOY; organic transactions were up 25% YOY; and organic search revenue was up 24% YOY.

Not only that, the majority of the 47 tracked keywords now ranked on the first page of organic search results pages, and all key visibility metrics (ranked pages, ranked keywords, total rankings, average position, and page 1 rankings) showed YOY improvements.

Organic search managed.